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Parent Information

The following A-Z directory provides caregivers with an insight into the life of Stonefields School, and important details to keep you informed of school processes. Please click on each heading to expand it for more details.

If anything is unclear, or you would like further information regarding any of the below topics, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!


When your child is going to be away from school for any reason, please advise us via the Edge App.

Please provide a reason for your child’s absence. If your child is away for multiple days, please notify the school each day they are away.  

If your child is going to be absent for a pre-planned reason such as a holiday, please inform the school by email in advance of the dates they will be away. 

If your child is absent due to illness for three days or more, please provide a doctor’s certificate.

We use a text system to contact parents when a child is absent and the school has not been notified of this. We aim for this to go out by 9.30 in the morning. To reply you can hit ‘reply’ and text why your child is away. Alternatively, phone the office on 09 527 7721.

Before and After School Care

Kelly Club run an on-site before and after school care programme from 7am before school, to 6pm after school. Please see their website for details 

Parents can book for adhoc days when needed or on a regular weekly basis. 

Bikes and Scooters

We encourage children to bike or scooter to school!  

Police guidelines recommend that children be at least 10 years of age (Year 5 and up) before they can cycle to school independently, however you know your child best and the decision as to whether or not your child may cycle to school unaccompanied is yours.

It is a requirement that all learners who bike or scooter to school wear a helmet. It is also recommended that a hi-vis vest is worn if available.

It is your child’s responsibility to ensure that bikes are securely locked at school and scooters stowed safely. Bike racks are available outside the main entrance, and scooter racks are by the Hub 5 entrance.  

Board (Stonefields School Board)

The Stonefields School Board is the governing body of the school. It is made up of a Presiding Member, an elected Staff Representative and a number of Parent Elected Representatives.

Board meeting dates are published on the school calendar.

Meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend. Please note however, that members of the public do not have speaking rights at meetings unless invited to do so by the Presiding Member.

Please contact to advise if you wish to attend and confirm that the date/time has not changed.

Child Safety

Please help our school to promote child safety by encouraging your children to:

  • go to and from school in groups. We encourage an informal buddy system.

  • ensure children know the arrangements for going home, especially if changed from the usual

  • have and know strategies to deal with approaches by strangers eg.

    • saying ‘no’ confidently

    • noting car registration numbers and colour etc

    • reporting any incidents

We all have a responsibility for child safety in our community!

Cohort entry

Stonefields School operates on a cohort entry system. There are two entry points per term, one on the first day of term, and one at a mid-point during a term.

Children can start in the next cohort after their 5th birthday.

Parents continue to have the option of not starting their child in school until their 6th birthday. It is a legal requirement that a child enrols at a registered school from age 6. Therefore, if not already enrolled, a child can start school on their 6th birthday regardless of a school’s cohort entry policy.

For more details on enrolment, please see our enrolment page


We have a culture of open communication at Stonefields School. We aim to make information readily available to you, and to inform parents/caregivers of all upcoming events and school projects through our website, regular communication updates, app alerts and our School Facebook page

Community of Learning (CoL)

Stonefields School is fortunate to be a member of two communities of learning, those being:

  • Manaiakalani (incorporating Tamaki College feeder Schools)

  • Te Roopu Pourewa (incorporating Selwyn College feeder schools)

Communities of Learning are part of the Government’s programme of Investing in Education Success. Research shows that within schools, the quality of teaching has the biggest influence on whether students succeed. Investing in Education Success has been designed with this in mind and is intended to help raise achievement by:

  • Improving teaching practice across New Zealand

  • Enabling teachers to work together, and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience

  • Helping all children benefit from the skills and knowledge of great teachers from across a group of schools

  • Helping schools work together so it’s easier for children to move through the education system.


As staff, we are open to discuss any particular concerns or positive feedback you have. If you have any concerns, your first port of call is your child’s hub teacher. If you feel your concern has not been adequately addressed, the Leaders of Learning and Associate Principals are happy to meet with you and ensure a solution is reached. In this instance, please call the office to make an appointment. 

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! There are a number of ways you can get in touch: 

For a staff directory please see Our Staff page.

Cyber Smart

A cyber smart learning programme is taught from Year 0 - 8 to support all learners with being self-aware when learning online.

Our school operates on a high-speed secure network.  There are security and access filters in place that are controlled to ensure student safety. 

Procedure for student use of the Internet:

  • On enrolment, students and parents/caregivers are to sign the Internet Permission Form before using the Internet at school. This document is kept on file upon enrolment. Refer to details in the cyber safety agreement. 

  • When your child has a 1:1 device they will be required to complete the online Kawa of Care agreement before they can access the device. Parents of learners in Years 4 - 8 are expected to attend a device orientation session.

Devices / Chromebooks

Digital tools are an integral part of teaching and learning at Stonefields School.  

We are very proud to be members of Manaiakalani and we strongly encourage and highly recommend all our families participate in the Chromebook scheme through the Manaiakalani Education Trust. Please note, we are only able to support devices that are purchased through the Manaiakalani Education Trust and are within the 3-year warranty period. View Chromebook details from Manaiakalani. 


Each year the School Board asks for a donation to supplement the school’s budget. These donations help to support and enhance many aspects of the school curriculum and activities.  

Donations for 2024 are:

1 learner - $450
2 learners - $850
3 or more learners - $1200

All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.  

Edge App

This is where caregivers receive notifications and communications and where you can keep us informed of your child's absences. 

To download the Edge app, simply click on the links below:

You can find more information on downloading and setting up the Edge App here.

Evacuation Plan

The assembly area for all students and staff during an evacuation is the Turf.  

If you are in the school in the event of an emergency please follow the staff's instructions and make your way to the Turf in a quick and orderly manner. Please make yourself known to a staff member so we can ensure all personnel on-site have safely evacuated. 

A member of the Leadership team will give the command to re-enter the building when it is safe to do so.

Drills will be conducted each term to cover fire, natural disaster and intruder evacuation procedures.  

An evacuation map is displayed in all Learning Hubs and additional buildings for your reference.

First Aid

In the event that your child has a minor injury at school, your child will be administered basic first aid by a duty teacher or in our Health Room (at the front office). In the case of a more serious accident, parents/caregivers will be contacted. If it is an emergency the student will be taken to A&E, doctor or dentist.

Friends of Stonefields School (FOSS)

As a parent, you are encouraged to take part in our “Friends of Stonefields School’. This is a group of parent volunteers who participate in and support school activities and fundraising events.

This is an excellent opportunity to meet other parents and become involved in the school community. Please join the group on Facebook to hear about how you can help. 

Head Lice

Head Lice like healthy hair. This school is no different from any other in that head lice can be a problem from time to time. The spread of head lice in a classroom can be controlled and prevented by checking your child’s hair regularly (eggs take about 9 days to hatch).

If lice or eggs are found consult your chemist and notify the child’s guardian teacher. All parents of the Learning Hub concerned will be notified and asked to check their child’s hair. A document detailing how to do this will be emailed to parents. Click here to view the document.

Health & Safety

We believe that a safe, hygienic, attractive and healthy school environment is essential.  From time to time the school is audited for Health and Safety.

Please report any hazards to the office so appropriate interim action can be taken.

Home Learning

Throughout the year, each Learning Hub will have home learning activities and experiences that complement the learning programmes. This could include reading, spelling, basic facts, research, and working on breakthrough projects. Please see SchoolTalk for ideas on how you can help support your child at home, relevant to their year level.

Home learning also acknowledges the many worthwhile activities and experiences that children are involved in at and beyond home.  It recognises that learning happens in all situations. This includes making meals, exploring the outdoors, dance, sports, visiting the elderly, being creative in the arts, and taking on additional academic challenges.

Kindo (online payments)

Our online shop is provided by Kindo. Your Kindo account is designed to make it easy for you to manage school payments, including:

  • donations

  • fees (sports, trips etc)

  • lunch orders

  • fundraising items

  • school hats and book bags

Kindo is open 24/7 for orders and payments. The school does not offer any other payment methods.

Click here for instructions on how to set up an account.

Learning Hubs

The Learning Hubs (Innovative Learning Environments) have been specifically designed to support the school’s vision of teaching and learning. They offer a range of learning settings that teachers and learners can move between, according to the learning they are doing. Hubs generally are home to two or three teachers and 50 - 85 learners. The team of teachers work together to design learning for all learners. An individual learner's learning may be caused by any of the teachers within the learning hub.  A key to the learner's success is the teacher's ability to empower learners to take ownership of their learning.

Hubs are generally made up of two year levels, providing learners with the opportunity to work alongside those who are both older, and younger than they are. This is very much in line with the concept of tuakana–teina, and is a key feature of learning at Stonefields. 

Each learner has a guardian teacher who is their advocate, strength nurturer, talent finder, motivator and learning activator.  This adult acts as the individual's guardian while situated in the Learning Hub, and is often the first port of call for parents.  The hub teachers are collectively responsible for learning and communicating with parents. 

Leaving school grounds

From time to time, you will need to take your child out of school during the day, perhaps for an appointment or an out of school commitment. When collecting your child, you must sign them out on the tablet in the office, and sign them back in on your return. 

If you are not collecting your child personally please let the hub and office know who will be.


The school library has a great collection of books - fiction, non-fiction, digital, picture and reference books.  Learners are encouraged to maximize the use of the library, and it is used as an integral part of our learning environment. It is also open each lunchtime and before school most days. 

From time to time books go missing, or are not returned on time. In this case, parents will be notified and in the unfortunate occasion that a book is lost will be invoiced.

Learners can take books out for up to three weeks and parents are invited to check these in and out with their children if they would like to.

Lost Property

We encourage you to clearly name all your child’s uniform items, in particular hats and fleeces.

If a child cannot find an article of clothing in the Learning Hub, they will be encouraged to look in the school lost property. This is situated outside Te Pātaka Ako, the Community Hub.

Any unnamed items found will be placed in here for children to check. At the end of each term, all remaining unnamed items will be donated to our Pre Loved Uniform Shop. 


Students have a supervised, seated morning tea and lunch eating time. If students are bringing a drink to school, water is the preferred option. Please make sure that the drink container is named and reusable.

Stonefields School is a Silver-rated EnviroSchool. This means we strive for litter-free lunchboxes. Please ensure lunchboxes don't contain any food packaging or rubbish. Any that does come to school, will go home in your child's lunch box. 

At Stonefields School learners are taught the importance of not sharing their food with others. This helps ensure the safety of those children with food allergies. In some cases where a child has a life-threatening food allergy, the Hub will be made aware of this and parents asked to avoid bringing those foods to school.  

We also offer lunch orders delivered every day. Orders can be placed via your Kindo account before 9am on the day.  

Medical Details

Government legislation requires schools to keep a register recording the immunisation status of all enrolled children. An immunisation certificate is requested at enrolment for this reason. 

Parents are also asked on enrolment to provide medical data. For the health and safety of your child, it is vital this information is kept up to date throughout their time at school. Please contact the office if you need to make a change to your child's medical details

Mobile Phones

If your child needs to bring a mobile phone to school, this must be handed in to the teacher at the beginning of the day and collected at the end of the day. No phones are to be used during school time. 

Music Lessons

Stonefields School is fortunate to offer a range of music lessons during school hours.

  • Lewis Eady offer one-on-one and group lessons for guitar, piano, keyboard, ukulele and singing. Please see their website for more information and to enrol. 

  • We also have professional itinerant music teachers who offer lessons in Violin, Trumpet, French Horn. Please contact our music teachers for more information.  

Parent Helpers

The school encourages the involvement of parents, whānau and volunteers through helping in the learning hubs and is very appreciative of their valuable time and contributions. 

Please let your child’s guardian teacher know if you are available to help the school’s programme in any way. This could be helping with putting readers and other resources away, reading with learners or anything to help support our teachers. 

Parking and Traffic

The carparks directly outside the front of the school (Tihi Street) and behind Hub 4 (Vialou Lane) are for staff and visitor parking only. It is not intended as a drop off and pick up zone for children.

We strongly encourage our children to be travelwise and walk, bike or scooter to school. There are bike and scooter racks available to use on schol grounds.

Traffic on the surrounding streets during pick-up and drop-off times can be very busy. If you must drive your child to school, we encourage you to use any of the parking bays surrounding the school. Parents are asked to please drive in an anti-clockwise direction around the school during peak times to help ease congestion.

Please also be considerate to the neighbours of the school. Some of these properties have private parking and through-road areas. These are not to be utilised by parents at any time.

Personal Details

It is important that yours and your child's personal details are accurate and up-to-date so that we can contact you in an emergency. This includes:

  • Home Address

  • Contact number(s)

  • email address

  • Doctor's details

  • Health information (allergies, medication etc)

If any of these details should change, please inform the office via as soon as possible

PE and Sports

These are important facets at Stonefields School and all students are encouraged to take an active part. We consider that all students should be given the opportunity to experience a wide range of physical activities, with the emphasis on attitude, sportsmanship and perseverance in both team and individual sports.

All students are involved in a daily fitness programme and organised sports activities each week.

The Year 3-8 students have the opportunity to enter appropriate year level inter-school competitions, such as cross country, athletics, touch and softball. Please see our Sports website for details.

Policies and Procedures

Please see our Policy and Procedure website.


Hub, Individual, sibing and team photographs are taken every year by PhotoLife. You will be informed of the dates via the school calendar. These will be available for purchase directly from Photolife shortly after the photo days. 

Use of Learner Images

During enrolment, you are asked to give permission for photos of your child(ren) to be used in our communications, website, Facebook page etc.
If you no longer wish for your child(ren)'s images to be used, please contact the office


SchoolTalk is an innovative web app, that makes learning and progress visible for teachers, children and their parents. There are four key purposes that have been intentionally designed into SchoolTalk's functionality:

  • Building learner agency - Learners know how they are going and what their next steps are

  • Automating realtime progress and achievement reporting

  • Building parent partnerships

  • Developing teacher effectiveness and efficiency

Logging into SchoolTalk with your child is a great way to stay connected with what they are learning and how they are progressing. Your child's progressions can be viewed anytime by logging into SchoolTalk and will give you up to date information on what they have achieved (highlighted in green) and what their next learning steps are (highlighted in yellow).

Stonefields Collaborative Trust

The Stonefields Collaborative is a charitable trust set up ‘to provoke thought & action about learning and leading that matters’. 

To learn more, please visit their website.


Stationery is available to purchase through our school online shop - Kindo.

Please have your child's Hub number and year level ready for your stationery orders as this will be required. A cut off date for stationery orders will be provided prior to the beginning of the year. All stationery packs ordered before this date will be delivered directly to school, in time for the beginning of the year. 


Our School Timetable:

8.30am onwards: Learners able to arrive at school and enter learning hubs
8.55am - 10.40am: Morning Learning Block
10.40am - 10.50am: Feed and Read
10.50am - 11.20am: Morning Tea
11.20am - 1.00pm: Middle Learning Block
1.00pm - 1.10pm: Lunch eating
1.10pm - 1.40pm: Lunch play time
1.40pm - 3.00pm: Afternoon Learning block


At Stonefields we wear our uniform with pride. Care has been taken to ensure the comfort and longevity of the items and each item is branded with our school logo. The uniform consists of:

  • Polo shirt (Amethyst blue Years 0-6, Charcoal Year 7-8)

  • Skort or Shorts

  • Fleece Jacket 

  • Trouser (optional)

  • Bucket hat or School Cap (compulsory during Terms 1 & 4),

  • Winter beanie (optional)

  • White or black socks 

  • Black shoes or sandals with a strap

Uniform may be purchased via our Online Uniform Shop (Argyle), or via our Pre-Loved Uniform request form.

We have a sports uniform available to be purchased for students in Years 3-8.  This is to be worn by sports teams and during physical education.  This is also available online through Argyle.

Accessories that are acceptable to be worn to school are:

  • Blue or black plain hair ties/bands

  • Stud or small hooped earrings only for those with pierced ears

  • Watches (non smart-watches)

  • Jewellery of cultural significance only


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