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Welcome to your child's learning journey with Stonefields School

Stonefields School is a full primary, catering for learners Years 0-8. The following page provides all the information you need to know on enroling at Stonefields School.

Our School Zone

All school-age children living within the school zone will have absolute right to enrolment at Stonefields School. 

Please view our School Zone Map and read the written description to determine your child's enrolment eligibility. If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to contact our office team

Proof of residence within the School Zone will be required upon enrolment. It is expected that learners will continue to reside in zone during their time at Stonefields School.

Out of Zone Enrolment

We are unable to accept enrolments from families living outside of the Stonefields School zone.

Cohort Entry

Stonefields School operates on a cohort entry system for new entrants. There are two entry points per term, one on the first day of term, and one at a mid-point during a term.

Children can start in the next cohort after their 5th birthday.

Parents continue to have the option of not starting their child in school until their 6th birthday. It is a legal requirement that a child enrols at a registered school from age 6. Therefore, if not already enrolled, a child can start school on their 6th birthday.

Year 0/1

Children entering school at age 5 and whose birthdays are in January, February and March will complete Year 1 in the current year, and be classified as Year 2 in the following year.

Children who turn age 5 from May to December will complete Year 0 in the current year, and be classified as Year 1 in the following year.

Discretion is given to children whose birthday falls in April. For these children the parents, teacher, and Associate Principal will meet to decide on the best placement for the child. Some of the factors that will be considered, include the child’s emotional and social maturity, strengths, learning and behavioural needs.

Cohort Entry Dates

Term 1 2024 
Week 1: Thursday 1 February
Week 6: Monday 11 March

Term 2 2024
Week 1: Monday 29 April
Week 6: Tuesday 4 June

Term 3 2024 
Week 1: Monday 22 July
Week 6: Monday 26 August

Term 4 2024
Week 1: Monday 14 October
Week 6: Monday 18 November

New Entrant Visits

New Entrants are children who are starting primary school for the very first time. Starting school is an important milestone in the life of a child. It is a time of change and adjustment both on the part of the child and his/her parents.

Children will have four pre-school visits before they start school. Our administration team will contact parents with the visit dates once eligibility to enrol has been confirmed.

Visits are a valuable opportunity for the New Entrant children to get to know the other children and teachers in the hub, and get a feel for the school. While the children are visiting their new hub, there will be a couple of presentations about Stonefields School and a tour of the school for parents. Parents will have an opportunity to ask questions and meet other parents of New Entrant children.

Please note that children do not need to be in uniform for their visits but many children choose to.

Children who start at the beginning of an academic year, will be invited to attend two pre-school visits in November. Our administration team will contact parents with the visit dates once eligibility to enrol has been confirmed.

Tours of Stonefields School

Stonefields School offers prospective and current parents an opportunity to attend a walk through of the school. This will give parents/caregivers an insight into what being a learner at Stonefields is all about!

2024 Tour Dates 
Term 1 - Tuesday 20 February
Term 2 - Tuesday 14 May
Term 3 - Thursday 8 August
Term 4 - Thursday 31 October

All tours start at 9.30am and last for one hour.

To book a tour, please complete the following form:

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Thanks for requesting a tour. We'll see you on the day.

Uniform, Stationery, Donations ...

Check out our Parent Information page for everything you need to know about attending our School

Enrolment FAQs

Where can I get an enrolment form?

Our enrolment form is only online. View our Online Enrolment Form here.

I need help with enroling my child

Our office team are always happy to talk through any questions you may have. Please get in touch via

Can I enrol my child if we live out of zone?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept enrolments from families living outside of the Stonefields School zone. There are no exceptions.

How can I check if I live in zone?

View the map of the School's home zone above, or read the written description here. Alternatively, you can contact the School office for advice.

What happens if I move out of zone?

The Ministry of Education states that when a School has a zone, the family must reside within that zone for one year to be entitled to remain at the School. Should circumstances change within that first 12 month period, written notification must be given to the School Board explaining the reasons for moving out of zone and requesting permission for the child to remain as a student at the school. Under Section 110A of the Education Act 1989, unless the parents can give a satisfactory explanation, the Board may annul the enrolment. Each case will be taken on its own merit and immediate notification is advised, as not informing the school could be viewed as an intent to deceive.

 Does the School take Intermediate aged children?

Yes! Stonefields School is a full primary which incorporates Intermediate - Year 7 and 8.

Do you accept Out of Zone enrolments?

For the 2024 school year we are unable to accept enrolments from families living outside of the Stonefields School zone. The Board will review this for the 2025 school year in October. 

Do you accept International Students?

Currently we are unable to accept International Students, however we may do in the future. Please contact us with your enquiry. 


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