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Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Founded in 2011, our School’s learning philosophy rests on the four key vision principles:

Building Learning Capacity |

Building Learning Capacity is about growing the foundation knowledge that is essential for further learning. It is about having a strong sense of identity and actively growing Hauora (wellbeing). It is also about learning to be resourceful and understand how to get out of the learning pit when stuck.

Collaborating |
Mahi Ngātahi

Collaborating is about building positive learning relationships to contribute to a range of collaborative activities and build positive relationships. It means knowing and practising problem-solving strategies and social skills. It also means learning when to seek other's ideas, empathise, and take perspective to achieve a more significant outcome.

Making Meaning | 
Hanga Tikanga

Making Meaning refers to knowing and using a learning process to think deeply about the world around us. We use the Stonefields learning process to develop thinking skills, build on previous learning, and arrive at new knowledge. 

Breaking Through |
Whaka Tikenga Hou

Breaking Through is about taking action. We provide opportunities for learners to discover and pursue interests, passions and strengths. We then use that learning to help them take positive action in their own life, community, and beyond.

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Our Values


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