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Our Staff

Leadership team

Katherine Jackson, Hope Griffin, Anita Unka, Gina Harduar and Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin 

Katherine Jackson

Associate Principal, Year 7-8 and SENCO

Gina Harduar

Associate Principal, Year 3-4

Shoba Segar

Associate Principal, Year 0-1

Anita Unka

Associate Principal, Year 2

Hope Griffin

Associate Principal, Year 5-6

Year 0-2

Hub 1

Sally Stanley
Lorna Kerse and Alysha Selby

Hub 2

Rachel Vester
Maysoun Rafeedie

Hub 5

Hillary Ironside
Hanna Thomas and Shereen Ronson

Hub 6

Bea Gardner
Pauline Howie

Year 3-4

Hub 7

Lisa Gower
Courtney Mei Allen-Anderson

Hub 8

Rochelle Rodrigo
Adi Thompson

Hub 9

Jo Bishop
Matoia Record
Mikaela Ruttenberg

Year 5-6

Hub 11

Hub 12

Yubin Han
Bridget Donovan

Hub 13

Rangikahiwi Panapa
Charley Collins
Hope Griffin and Nicola Shearer


Hub 16

Sarah Holden
Zara Powdrill
Lucy Bennington

Hub 17

Kelly Sauerman 
Ollie Baker
Rachel Kay

ET Team

ET (Explore Through) provides learners with the opportunity to explore the areas of Visual Arts, Music and STEAM. ET is a safe place for learners to discover new passions and strengths, be challenged in the learning pit and use a range of thinking skills within the learning process. Learners have the chance to be creative, collaborate, think critically and communicate in different ways.

Contact the team at

Visual Arts

Klara Sinnamon
Emma Clark


Nathan Imboden
Katherine Wilcox


Lisa Huntley 
Helen Watson
Sarah Allen

Support teams

Student Support team

Our student support team assists learners throughout the school providing additional support for all sorts of reasons including additional learning support, mental health, medical, and English as a Second Language. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented staff members within these roles:

Annegrid Price
Bridget Glover
Chi Yoshizuka
Karen McDougall
Rachael Dobbs
Sumi Kane
Vijay Mauran
Michelle Emslie
Chelsea Johnson
Tyli Johnson
Mackayla Stolk 
Swaleha Hoosen
Joe Jeremiah
Ashleigh Mackinven
Rachel Rambisheswar - Student Support Admin

Administration team

Louise Sinnaduray: Admin & Communications Lead 
Sue Curlett: Reception & Enrolments 
Sarah Furst-Jaeger: Reception 
Dananka Peiris: Accounts and Payroll 
Sacha Lowe: Resource Admin 
Anna Malan: Library


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