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Our Vision

Our School’s learning philosophy rests on the four key vision principles:

  • Building Learning Capacity: know, believe and stretch self as a learner.
  • Collaborating: relate, participate and value diversity. Make a contribution.
  • Making Meaning: use tools, strategies, skills & knowledge to break codes, understand and take action
  • Breaking Through: strive to achieve success and happiness, in learning and life.

Learning at Stonefields School

Learning at Stonefields can be best described as relevant, rich and engaging. It is informed by a set of well-established vision principles; local and international research; and the voices of those that matter most - our learners and their whānau. Every day, children focus on building their learning capacity, developing collaborative skills, making meaning of the world around them, and ‘breaking through’ - exploring their own strengths, interests and curiosities. What this means is that children not only learn the all important foundational literacies, but also develop their confidence, curiosity and agency; building their understanding of how to learn. This, we believe, is how we as a school can best serve our learners and our community - setting children up for success now, and in the future.

Learner Qualities

The learner qualities are a set of attitudes and dispositions essential for learning: question; be determined; think; be self-aware; connect; wonder; and reflect. The language of learner qualities helps children describe how they approach their learning, what they are aiming to do, and what they are noticing. Teachers introduce this at an early age. As learners advance, they can give examples of how they apply the learner qualities in their learning. 

Learning Process

The learning process helps learners investigate, problem-solve, make informed decisions, and advance their learning. It steps them through three key stages of learning - Build Knowledge, Make Meaning and Apply Understanding. Doing so aims to demystify the learning process, helping learners know what to do next. We teach specific thinking skills to draw upon at each of the three stages. 

Learning Pit

Getting stuck in learning is a natural part of the learning process. At Stonefields, we call this 'getting stuck in the learning pit", and learners benefit from recognising that 'being in the pit' is okay. Making mistakes, failing, and not knowing are essential parts of the learning journey. Being comfortable moving in and out of the pit is also critical so that learners experience a suitable stretch and challenge level. Often the best learning comes from being stuck!


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