Information for New Families

Our aim is for all new families at Stonefields School to have as smooth a transition as possible. Here you will find links to information that should help you and your child(ren) to understand various processes such as enrolment, visits, communication etc. It is particularly aimed at parents who's children are attending school for the first time but parents of older children may also find it useful.

Our administration team are always happy to talk through any questions you may have and welcome the opportunity to arrange for you to meet with them or our leadership should you wish to do so.

Please remember to check out our Communication tab above as there is a wealth of information to be found.


The Manaiakalani Education Trust consists of a cluster of schools who wanted to find a way to engage children in their learning. Digital Learning proved to be the 'hook' to guide these communities to better educational outcomes. Stonefields School are very fortunate to have been a member of Manaiakalani since 2013.

Annually all learners at Stonefields School participate in and attend the Manaiakalani Film Festival held at Sylvia Park. Please click here to view information regarding this exciting event.

Should you wish to familiarise yourself with the Manaiakalani story, research, resources and pedagogy, please click on the green button. The Whanau tab may be of particular interest in terms of resources for being a cyber smart parent.

Building Cyber Smartness is a priority for Stonefields School. We acknowledge we have a responsibility to build digital savvy and smart online learners. We encourage you to have cyber smart conversations at home to decide what is appropriate use at home to align with your family's values and rules. Where a child is allowed to be online is an important shared understanding to develop. The tagline at School continues to be, "Right place, right time, online." Here is a link to the site that supports our learners and Cyber Smartness at Stonefields School.


Chrome Books: Learners in Year 4 and upwards are encouraged to have a Chromebook. We are only able to support devices that are purchased through our partnership with The Manaiakalani Trust. Information on devices through the Trust can be viewed via the Chromebook button on the right.

It is important that families buy this device through Manaiakalani rather than purchasing elsewhere. While cheaper deals can be found, they do not include all the added extras. For example, the sturdy case, warranty and on site break/fix service. The devices provided by Manaiakalani also have crucial software installed, that cannot be purchased at a shop, enabling the chromebook to be managed by the school.

iPad Initiative: The purpose of the Stonefields School 1:1 ipad initiative in Years 1 - 3 is to:
  • Further increase engagement
  • Enable wider sharing of learning with parents and other audiences
  • Increase oracy through the use of the 'explain everything' app
  • Increase efficiency for teachers and learners - eliminate downtime of logging in after each different user
  • Make learning visible - make progress more transparent for parents through SchoolTalk
  • Make learning real and authentic by accessing multimodal learning artefacts
  • Be aligned with real world life and learning outside of School
We view iPads as another surface for learning. Historically we had blackboards, paper, whiteboards and now we have interactive touch surfaces. An iPad is a useful tool to support learning. Our goal is to develop learners who are thoughtful about which tool is best suited to the learning purpose. Managing how much screen time a child has, the development of each child's handwriting and ensuring there is lots of collaborative learning has been taken into consideration whilst planning the pilot. A stylus will be provided for each learner to support the development of their handwriting.
A financial contribution towards the iPad's will be requested. This is generally around $50.

Taking Care of Your Chromebook

Your chromebook is an expensive piece of electronic equipment that requires great care.
  • Never leave equipment unattended, even for a short time.
  • Always lock it away when not using it at school or in the office.
  • Keep drinks and water bottles well away from your chromebook
  • Never leave your chromebook in an unlocked car, even for a few minutes.
  • Even in a locked car, keep your chromebook out of sight, preferably in the boot.
  • Always carry your chromebook in its bag/sleeve.
  • Always look after your bag. Everyone know what's inside.
  • Insurance does not cover negligence, abuse or malicious damage.
You and your child will be asked to sign the Kawa of Care - click here

Health, Wellbeing and Social Services Access

Health Point host a wealth of information on their website under the Tamaki Directory. Please click on the logo to be directed to the site where you can find health, wellbeing and social services available to you.
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