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Phone: 09 527 7721


81 Tihi Street
Auckland 1072
New Zealand

Leadership Team

Sarah Martin - Principal
Chris Bradbeer - Associate Principal
Katherine Jackson - Associate Principal
Gina Harduar - Associate Principal 
Emily Ruffell - Associate Principal

Teaching Teams

Hub 0 - Year 0/1
Sally Stanley, Sally Stacey, Hanna Thomas

Hub 1 - Year 1/2
Klara Coulter, Hilary Ironside, Jazmin Anderson

Hub 2 - Year 1/2
Stacey Rowe, Matt Brunton, Hayley Hindson

Hub 5 - Year 7/8
Sarah Chant, Melanie Prasad, Bob Miller, Miriam Gwyn

Hub 7 - Year 2/3
Anita Unka, Makere Stirling, Melissa Heng

Hub 8 - Year 2/3
Amanda Lunken, Beatrix Gardner, Emma Clark

Hub 9 - Year 4/5/6
Naomi Toland, Gershon Cadelis, Nicole Walsh

Hub 10 - Year 4/5/6
Ollie Baker, Alice O'Sullivan

Hub 11 - Year 4/5/6
Rob Noble, Alison Phillips, Karishma Kumar

Hub 12 - Year 4/5/6
Kyle Hattie, Ali Spilman

Office Team

Karen McDougall
Sue Curlett 
Lauren Wessels 

Learning Assistants

Our Teacher Aides support and assist learners throughout the school allowing for individualised attention within areas such as English as a Second Language. We are fortunate to have so many dedicated and talented staff members within these roles.

Mel Atkinson 
Jason Colman
Kate De Graff
Karen McDougall
Annegrid Price
Peter Josephs

Other staff

Natasha Audi - SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator)
Jana Benson - COL (Communities of Learning)
Lynn Kilpatrick - Sports Specialist
Anna Malan - Library Assistant
Phil Morgan - Property

Classroom Release Teachers:
Sarah Allen, Emma Purchase, Helen Watson, Kiley Gillingham, Rachel Vester, Hanna Thomas, Susan Rope, Jess Hattie

Board of Trustees

Sarah Martin - Principal
Amanda Lunken - Staff Representative
Matt Evans - Board Chair
Margaret Stanley
Marie Gaskin
Bryan Fox 
Jai Ivarsson

BOT Secretary - Ellie Bramwell


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