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Phone: 09 527 7721


81 Tihi Street
Auckland 1072
New Zealand

Leadership Team

Sarah Martin - Principal

It is a privilege to be the Foundation Principal of Stonefields School, I am enthusiastic about:
Ensuring all students develop the necessary competencies to strengthen their capacity to learn. Staying focused on students being engaged and successful with learning that matters. Questioning the effective teaching practice that causes learning.
Particular areas of interest are integrating inquiry learning, e-learning, future school environments, growing competencies and building teacher effectiveness.

It is with much pleasure that I introduce the Stonefield's School Staff.

Chris Bradbeer - is an Associate Principal at Stonefields School in Auckland, opened in 2011. Being part of a leadership involved in developing a vision for teaching and learning, building teacher capacity in order to raise student achievement levels, and having the opportunity to consider 'what might be possible' in a new school has been an exciting one. The opportunity to consider spaces for learning has provided much of the impetus behind an interest in school learning environments. He is also a researcher on the current ILETC project and engaged in his own PhD studies investigating teacher collaboration in ILE.

Katherine JacksonHas a wealth of experience teaching in both early childhood and the early primary years in NZ and overseas. She has many curriculum area talents including science and the literacies. Mrs Jackson is a passionate teacher and has a strength in special needs teaching. She will be leading collaborative initiatives across the school and growing well being throughout the organisation.

Gina Harduar - has been teaching New Entrants to Year 4 for the past 16 years in a variety of high and low decile schools. Gina came to Stonefields from Orakei School where she was the Team Leader of the Junior School, overseeing Years 0-3. She is also a trained Reading Recovery teacher and as a result Reading is just one area of strength in her teaching practise. An enthusiastic teacher, she believes children are always at the 'heart of the matter'. Gina is very excited to be working at Stonefields school and looks forward to entering this new phase of her learning journey.

Emily Ruffell - has several years experience teaching overseas and in New Zealand, both in the primary years and English as a second language. A Stonefields School employee since 2013, this year Emily embarks on her new Associate Principal role with much enthusiasm and energy. She will be leading a new initiative involving the designing of learning that is authentic, relevant and rich beginning within Yr4 - 6.

Emily also holds a design degree, majoring in jewellery design. When not supporting the growth of Stonefields School she is continuing the development of her jewellery design brand.

Teaching Team

Rob Noble - Joined the Stonefields School team from Mangere Bridge School. Rob has strengths in literacy and sport. He enjoys coaching and motivating learners through physical activities.

Charlotte Hinge – Started teaching at Stonefields School as a foundation member of staff in 2011 after teaching at another school in Auckland. Originally from the UK, Charlotte is a keen Bath Rugby supporter and yes England Rugby team supporter! Passionate about teaching in the early years, she enjoys getting the learners up and moving to release the endorphins. Charlotte is enthusiastic about ensuring all learners explore and develop in the areas of performance and the Arts. She brings experience and enthusiasm for the Reggio Emilia philosophy to inspire and build provocations to learning.

Sheena Campbell - Joined our team in 2012. She is an outgoing, creative individual who particularly enjoys teaching visual arts and numeracy. Sheena has been a key leader in the 1:1 iPad initiative at Stonefields School. She is currently completing further postgraduate study to broaden her knowledge as a teacher.

Mel Prasad – is passionate about science and using science to engage students in exploring the world around them. Mel has experience leading choirs and loves using music as a tool to enhance learning. She is enthusiastic, energetic and motivates students to do their best. Mel takes pride in her learners' successes, and enjoys encouraging and supporting her students to reach their full potential.

Stephanie Wang - joined the Stonefields School team at the beginning of 2015. She is a fluent speaker of Mandarin and Taiwanese. Steph has strengths in areas of mathematics and the arts. She is a keen sportsperson and enjoys interacting with members of the community.

Kiley Gillingham - joins our team after teaching on three other continents. She taught primary for 14 years in Los Angeles, relieved in London, and was chosen to be a teacher representative for the United States to China twice through the US State Department. Kiley holds both a BA and Master's in education, and additionally a certificate in cross cultural, language, and academic development. She has a passion for teaching the writing process, engaging children in the life long love of reading, and producing compassionate, enthusiastic learners.

Heath Lewzey – joins the Stonefields staff through the Manaiakalani Digital Teaching Academy after having worked in sales and marketing. His background in proofing and design speaks to his passion for literacy and he looks forward to bringing his love of reading to the school. Heath has taught English overseas and enjoys finding creative ways to engage with his learners.

Ollie Baker - Not quite foundation staff, but close! Ollie is an enthusiastic learner who thrives in collaborative environments. Passions include sport, drama, food and literacy but his love of video games top all of these. Passionate about authentic learning and discovering the new affordances around learning that digital technologies provide us with.

Helen Watson - loves to see children push the boundaries in their thinking and learning, reaching goals that they have specifically set for themselves. She is very interested in concept teaching and engaging learners. Being passionate about travelling (having taught in London for four years), Helen has acquired a thirst for places, history and culture.

Anita Unka - A passionate teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Health & Physical Eduction and Literacy. She links movement into learning and creates hands on experiences to promote learning. She has experience in all year levels and believes in connecting with people. She has a bubbly personality and loves to laugh. She supports our Stonefields learners in providing skills and strategies to be life long learners.

Bob Miller - “ Despite being born and raised in England, New Zealand is where he calls, "€˜Home"€™. He joins Stonefields this year from Parnell School and is passionate about using e-learning to build student knowledge, understanding and to develop creativity.

Stephanie Parker - is an energetic teacher who is experienced in teaching in 1:1 digital learning environments. She holds a B.Soc Sci and B.Ed (Hons), is a Manaiakalani Digital Teacher Academy graduate, and was part of the Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir project in 2016. Stephanie has a strength in teaching mathematics and literacy, and loves challenging children to think critically, explore diverse perspectives, and to find learning hidden in the world around us. This year Stephanie is on Maternity leave, however you will still see her from time to time as she maintains her role as the Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees. 

Latai Fa'apoi - Latai is thrilled to be kickstarting her teaching career at Stonefields under the umbrella of the Manaiakalani Digital Teachers Academy. As she undertakes her postgraduate study in digital enhancement, Latai is excited for the opportunity to practice and implement new knowledge and ideas. Latai is passionate about healthy living, native languages, card-making, as well as anything else that allows her to tap into her creative nature.

Michelle Primrose - joined us here in 2015. She has years of teaching experience at the junior school level. Michelle has a great passion for teaching core curriculum areas through visual art.

Teaching Team Continued...

Rebecca Rowe - joined us in October 2016, after returning home from teaching in the UK for 7 years. She is passionate about raising student achievement in Literacy and Numeracy and loves the Arts. Music is also something she loves to share with the children, having taught piano for 3 years before becoming a primary school teacher. In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys exploring new places and being outdoors.

Jana Benson - Jana is currently working on her Doctorate around Learner Agency in Online Formative Assessment, this underpins her passion for teaching and learning. She returned to Auckland in 2017 after living and working in Mount Maunganui for the past 13 years. Jana has taught all year levels from Yr 0-6, and has experience in various leadership roles. She is passionate about student voice and assessment capability which influences her student centered leadership style. She is looking forward to learning with and alongside the Stonefields team.

Amanda Lunken - has taught junior and middle school students at both local schools and in the UK. She enjoys teaching mathematics and encouraging children through physical activities. Amanda is looking forward to working in a collaborative environment at Stonefields School.

Sammy Weir - joined the Stonefields team this year. She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic teacher who has a passion for making learning enjoyable. Her teaching strengths include literacy where she creates a rich language environment to nurture the love of language and a range of strategies to build students comprehension skills. Her interests include keeping an active lifestyle, cooking and music. She looks forward to becoming part of the Stonefields School community.

Natasha Audi - SENCO - Passionate about inclusive teaching practice that supports all learners in accessing the curriculum, Natasha comes with a wide range of teaching experience across all ages and stages. Her background is also in literacy leadership and she is someone that likes to think outside the box. She has a strong belief in students taking ownership of their learning and is looking forward to connecting with the students, their families and the Stonefields community

Stacey Rowe - is joining the Stonefields team this year as a first year beginning teacher. Stacey is full of enthusiasm and has the passion and drive for making learning fun. Her personal strengths include having the curious nature to explore the unknown which in turn creates a rich learning environment to nurture the development and strategies to build students knowledge . Stacey's interests include spending time with her family and friends, reading, baking and exploring new areas. She is looking forward to being part of such an innovative family of learners and being able to develop her own professional practice.

Kyle Hattie - is excited to be joining Stonefields as Teacher and one of the Teacher Effectiveness Coaches. He is very passionate about learning and making learning real and meaningful for the children. His view is that Learners are the centre of education and it's giving all children a chance to have a voice about their learning. Kyle has strength in Student Led Learning, Environmental Studies and making Learning Visible. In his spare time he enjoys playing Underwater Hockey, Slacklining and spending time with his wife and young daughter.

Office Team

Ellie Bramwell – Our Office Wizard! This lady does work magic and we are thrilled to have her knowledge and expertise to ensure our office hums. A foundation member of staff, she brings a wealth of experience of working in other Schools and loves the environment and community that make up Stonefields School.

Sue Curlett Joined the administration team in 2013. She brings experience from her previous roles at Kohimarama School as the Principals PA/Office Administrator. Sue certainly brings her own style of magic to the reception.

Anna Malan - Anna divides her working time between our school library and providing administrative support to the Stonefields School Collaborative (Our visitor Centre). In a previous life, Anna worked as a dietitian and has always enjoyed researching and learning new things. She loves books and is excited to help share the thrills and treasures libraries hold.

Louissa Fuscic - Louissa joined the Admin Team in 2018. She comes from an extensive administration background having spent many years as a Personal Assistant. Lou is our Chief Storyteller/Communications Administrator and with two children coming through Stonefields School she is passionate about school life and the Stonefields community.


Alan Verrall - Alan is everyone's saviour! Without him the school simply would not function. He is builder, caretaker, groundsman and security all rolled into one! 

Learning Assistants

Our Teacher Aides support and assist learners throughout the school allowing for individualised attention within areas such as English as a Second Language. We are fortunate to have four dedicated and talented staff members within these roles.

Mel Atkinson - brings a wealth of experience from previous roles within the early education and primary sector. Mel joined the team in 2012 and we are very fortunate to have someone with her strengths and passion for this supportive role. She is bubbly and energetic and sparks enthusiasm all around her.

Dorothy Karl - has worked in early childhood and been a carer for many children. She is passionate about supporting children in their learning. Dorothy, or Dee as she is known, is a fun, enthusiastic TA and is extremely passionate about her role and the children within her care.

Chanel Finnigan - Has a wealth of experience in working in Learning and Development with adults, and on having her own children trained as a Parent Educator at Playcentre - an Early Childhood Education option. Enjoying the thrill in children's faces when they have a learning moment, she decided Teacher Aiding would be a great next step. She loves it when children own their learning and approaches any learning with this in mind. Chanel joined the team in Term 4, 2015.

Board of Trustees

Matt Evans, is the Board of Trustees Chairperson and has been a resident of Stonefields since 2010 and has two daughters at the school. A former primary teacher himself, Matt taught overseas for many years before setting up his own IT and Financial Services business. He is also currently a commercial board member and a representative on various different management groups. Matt brings a practical understanding of the balance between governance, strategy and operational management, with a relevant background in education and teaching.

Tania Reed is married to Peter they have two children; Ashton was a foundation learner at Stonefields and has now graduated to college.  Isla is still at Stonefields. Her family purchased a house within the school zone in June 2009 and have been involved with the developing community ever since.
She has worked for UDC Finance since 1994 in different roles; her current position is Operations Performance Manager. Tania, currently takes on the Human Resources portfolio on the Stonefields Board of Trustees and was Chairperson for three years prior to Paul taking on the role.

Margaret Stanley is an Associate Professor in the University of Auckland's School of Biological Sciences, specialising in conservation and biosecurity. In her role as a lecturer, she strives to achieve the best learning outcomes for students and understands the tertiary environment that many of our learners will one day be a part of. She also sits on a range of technical advisory boards for agencies such as the Ministry for Primary Industries, Auckland Council and community environmental restoration groups. She is mum to Jamie and Lucy and lives in St Johns. Margaret is currently assigned the Board’s portfolios on COLs (Community of Learning) and community engagement.

Marie Gaskin, comes to the Board with 5 years' recent experience on an Auckland primary school Board which has provided her with strong, relevant governance experience, whilst her background as a Chartered Accountant (over 15 years with KPMG) allows her to bring excellent financial knowledge to the Board. It was through KPMG's commitment to community that Marie was co-opted to the Edmund Hillary School Board. She is mum to Joshua who enrolled in 2016, and daughters Grace and Paige who will join the school in the coming years. 

Bryan Fox is well known in our school whānau and wider community, and is husband to Theresa and Father of two Stonefields learners, Cooper and Mahalia.  Bryan brings an audit background with 15 years’ experience in Quality Assurance and most recently this includes partnering with offshore providers. Prior to that, he has held a range of roles mostly in the insurance industry, however an interesting role outside of this industry was his teaching in South Korea for two years. Both Bryan and Theresa are actively involved and instrumental in the school’s Kapa Haka rōpū where they share and learn elements of Māori culture. His passions include providing opportunities to help build well-rounded individuals and contributors to communities.


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